Friday, December 5, 2008

Tips from Nurse Tiff

So you have a bloody nose or in my case my patient has a bloody nose. I tried and tried to get it to stop. It would stop, then she would cough and start bleeding again. Unfortunately my patient wasn't able to hold their nose and try and make it stop. I had to go into another room. So what is a nurse to do? Be creative. Apparently that is what tampons are made for. Yet, I put a tampon up my patient's nose so that I could go attend to another patient's needs. I went back into the room five minutes later, and low and behold the bleeding had ceased. So if you ever have a bloody nose, just stick a tampon in it.

(Clearly i have not slept enough. Sorry for the sleep drunk blog, but I figure i have those blog stalkers out there (I know who you are) who say i don't blog enough. So this is what you get.)


htodd said...

Yay blogpost!

And it's all cottonny and good.

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

So this summer I was working at home and Denny all of sudden comes over because he was in the area and had a bloody nose. It was an emergency. I tried to stick a tampon in his nose and he WOULD NOT let me. I even cut it in half and showed him its like a firm cotton ball. Nope.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Sex and the City taught me the tampon trick....although i have never attempted it.