Monday, December 1, 2008

Gym update....

I figured I would do a little update on what is going on at my "crazy gym" as my friends from home like to call it. The workouts have been very hard/intense. As much as I complain during the workout, I still like it.

I'm excited...Tonight i push pressed 115. I PR'd by 10 lbs. It felt great. I thought I might be able to pull 120, but not so much. Still trying to keep up with Melissa who did 130! She is crazy strong.

Last week, I did a benchmark workout Fran with Amanda and Devon. We missed it a few weeks ago, so we figured we might as well subject ourselves to that torture voluntarily. Fran is 21-15-9 of 65lb barbell thrusters paired with pullups. I was somewhat nervous, but just thought of it as another workout, so I wouldn't psych myself out. Well it turns out I did much better than my previous time in July. I went from 10:36 to 7:30. Three minutes off....I know kind of crazy. I was super excited about it. So I guess I am actually making progress.

I participated in the Kettlebell certification put on by Steve Maxwell. It was an entire day filled with lots of good information about movement paired with lifting the kettlebell. I have learned some great tricks and tips for others. My squat improved greatly after this cert too.

Finally, Tina created a video of a bunch of us women from the gym progressing in our pullups. I'm so proud of the girls I workout with and Tina for making this video. Hopefully, she won't be mad because I'm going to repost it, so people from home can see and maybe get motivated.


seant said...

congrats on the push press and that fran time. nice job!!

The Bains said...

member when we used to work out at timberhill at 6 a.m. in high school together?! miss you!