Sunday, September 30, 2007

Congrats Pastor Pete and Jenn

Yay for Baby Emma...I guess that means i have to change my link to baby emma's parents. (done and done). I am so happy for Jenn and Pete. Emma looks adorable. I can't wait to meet her. Very soon hopefully. Now i have another excuse to go shopping for really cute pink girlie clothes. keep up the good work.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fight with the IV

Last week i spent the day at the hospital learning how to get better at starting IVs. Starting an IV is one of those tried and true skils of nursing, and i suck at it. so i took this class to get more practice and learn tricks to enhance my skills. the interesting thing is that we just start IVs on each other. Luckily one of my fellow classmates was in the class and so that made it a little bit easier knowing that you were poking someone you knew, and not just a random person. Anyways, we each started three IVs in each other, and on the first try all three times. go us. However, i developed a nasty bruise on my arm from one of the areas where the IV was started. This does not mean that my friend did a bad job, it was actually the best one out of all three. So yeah, i have a battle scar, and it makes for a good story to use to relate to my patients. with others i just say it is a kickboxing wound, since i am so tought. alright, well that's all.

just a side note- hey jenn and jessica, i hope you guys have your babies soon...i know you are ready, and all the rest of us are ready too. keep up the laboring!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Race for the Cure

This last sunday morning i joined 45,000+ people to take part in the annual Komen race for the cure. I have participated in this race for the last five years, and it was cool to do it again. i joined an OHSU team, and we had cool hot pink t-shirts. i did the 5k walk with my mom, who drove up from corvallis, my roommate jen, and two nursing school buddies ramy and angela. it was a fun time, and i was kind of sleep drunk because i had worked the night before. in true blogger fashion, here are some pictures.
mom and i....this was our 5th year doing the race
me and my roommate jen
fellow RN's angela and ramy, they work at doernbecher

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long Lost Friends

My friend Janna left me a message on my phone today letting me know that she is coming back to Oregon in October to visit. She moved to Indiana to go to grad school at Purdue. Anyways, I'm so super excited, i can't even keep it in. When i was listening to my message i almost started jumping up and down on the streets of downtown portland. Now that i think about it, I probably shouldn't have held back becasue i would just be one of the many that keeps portland weird! So yay for long lost friends who come and visit.
Janna and I at my graduation party
Janna during her going away pub crawl
Janna, me and Megan (we just need to convince megan to come and visit)

What color?

I'm getting closer to buying a car one of these days. The only problem is i cannot decide on a color. I relaly like three different colors. So why not involve my blogger fans in this process and take a survey of what everyone else thinks. I may not base my decision off of this, but i am just curious (plus, adding a survey to your blog, is so 2008 :) ). Click on this link, take the survey. I have included pictures of the car colors to give you an idea.

Color #1- Glacier Blue

Color #2- Royal Blue Pearl
Color #3- Nighthawk Black

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Test Drive #1

So now that i am a hot shot nurse, apparently the next thing to do in my life is to buy a car. Soon enough i will be retiring the ford taurus to my little brother. The car i have mainly been interested in is a honda cr-v. i like it because it is a small suv like my mom's but not a ford. sorry ford, but i just need a break from you. courtney was up in town working and then visiting me and tagged along with me to test drive a car. so here are some fun pictures from the test drive. the dealer tried very hard to persuade me to buy a car then, but i was definitely not ready. but hopefully soon enough.
courtney's photo shoot while test driving, so hot court... checking out the navigation system, i'm very serious about this
oh hey, i think i look cute in this car
meet my salesman Harrison from mississippi

kind of scary driving a brand new car
focused on driving
thanks for coming with me court, i needed your support

do you think i should get it?

Happy 1st birthday Betsy!!!

Happy 1st bday Betsy. I can't believe you are already a year old, walking and talking. You had the most fun one-year old birthday i have ever been too, the coolest seniorita around. (Sorry i was late, i promise i won't be next year.)

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy

For the most part grey's anatomy is not like real life hospital, however there is one aspect.
I don't know if any of you recall from season 2 with the patient Denny who had a bad heart and was waiting for a heart transplant. He is the same patient who Izzie fell in love with and cut a wire on. Anyways, on my unit, which is a cardiac unit, there has been a patient who has been waiting for a heart for the last two and a half months. She is surviving because of a dopamine drip which keeps her heart pumping. It has been tough because everytime i would return to work she would still be there waiting.

Well i finally got word from the charge nurse that this patient was leaving that night to go to surgery to get her new heart. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully when i go back i will see her again but with her new heart. it will take her awhile before she is on our unit because she will spend a lot of time in the ICU. but it is definitely good news.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Grey's Anatomy season 3....

Last wednesday i bought season 3 of grey's anatomy of dvd. in my spare time i have been watching the episodes. i am a little less than halfway. which i personally think that the first part of last season was the best. so i have been watching and i swear every episode brings me to tears. i just finished watching the episode where george's dad dies, and i was bawling the entire episode. also watching it makes me realize that the hospital is nothing like what grey's anatomy portrays it to be. really the doctors do a lot of what a nurse actually does. so it is like a glorified nurse on grey's anatomy. (although the nurses are portrayed as grumpy, mean, and slutty).

i look forward to the starting of the new season next thursday!!!

Adventures in killing your roommate...

Just kidding. I did not kill my roommate, but we had a little bit of an exciting night this last night. So it all started because i got called off of work (yeah, i didn't have to go in, which is nice because i was supposed to work 60 hours this week, crazy). i was happy because i could finally cook myself a dinner tonight, and i had found this recipe for a taco soup that i was excited to try. so i was munching on salsa, making soup and catching up with jen, my roommate. i offered her some salsa and chips.

*side note about jen: she is deathly allergic to nuts, she gets an anaphylactic reaction, closing of throat, trouble breathing, etc., aka not good. she always carries an epinephrine pen with her, just in case.

she is very careful about eating, which she should be. it is also the butt of some of our jokes always questioning if some food has nuts in it. back to the story, she jokingly goes oh does it have nuts in it. i of course responded with nope, but then went to check the label. to my suprise the salsa had cashews in it (first time i have ever thought of having nuts in salsa, if this is a common thing, let me know). jen runs upstairs, grabs her epi pen, and some benadryl. she comes downstairs and takes benadryl, 4 teaspoons.

after that everything is fine. no allergic reaction, thank you benadryl. or maybe not....

we started talking about it and jen realized that she took 4 tablespoons instead of 4 teaspoons. in the midst of her slightly panicking state, she grabbed the wrong one. so then i got to thinking, being the nurse and all, instead of getting 50 mg of benadryl, she took 150 mg. Three times the normal dose. in my head, i was going through the potential overdose effects of benadryl, one of the biggest ones being oversedation resulting in decreased respirations.

i had jen drink lots of water and eat some chips. the benadryl started kicking in and she acted like she was almost drunk. it was funny, especially if you know jen.

as time is passing, i'm still worried. so i end up calling the poison control center, (yes, i did already have this number programmed into my phone, thank you nursing school). the lady informed me that jen's dose was not a toxic level, but definitely close and to observe her closely for the next hour. and then call back in an hour with an update. plus directions of having her drink water and eat crackers, which i already did (sometimes it pays to be a nurse). so all in all jen is fine. just super tired, she went to bed early. i checked on her just a little bit ago and she is breathing fine, nothing to worry about. she might be a little groggy. that was my adventure is almost killing my roommate.

Happy 53rd Birthday Mom!

I just wanted to wish my mom a Happy Birthday yesterday. You are amazing mom! Congrats on already having 53 amazing years with so many more to come.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i'm alive

i know it has been forever since i have posted. i just wanted to let you all know i am alive, saving lives. updates to come soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

people watching

this is a picture that my sister took with her camera where she can alter the color scheme. i thought it looked cool. it is my mom and i people watching in the airport, which is something i love to do. with the delayed flight that meant even more people watching, so maybe it wasn't the worst thing after all.

p.s.. i fixed the video of me surfing. thanks winkie for the tip.