Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blonde moment....

So i have had my fair share of blonde moments in my life....I figured i would share one with you....Sunday, my friend Megan and i ventured out to Kelly point to enjoy this nice weather that we have been having. I used SPF 30 to make sure i did not burn. They are not fun. Megan and i are just relaxing by the river, watching the boats go by, and reading out books. It was a nice time. I got back home and took a quick nap before going to work. When i woke up i noticed in the mirror that my back was bright red/pink. Blonde moment....i forgot to put sunscreen on my back. I thought it was pretty funny. Thanks goodness i have spray on aloe cause my roommate is out of town and i don't know what i would have done. It is not the funniest blonde moment i have had, but it definitely is up there.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's official....

I have man hands....Man hands you ask, well yesterday at the gym i tore my hands for the first time doing pullups. This picture shows the broken skin as well as my calluses. I guess it is worth it though to be physically fit. Yesterday, during the workout i did a total of 36 kipping pullups, instead of using the band, which is like an assisted pullup. So there is an update for ya'll about how i'm doing at the gym. Picture from the workout doing pullups with the boys...

I had to move to my own bar near the ladies...a girl needs her space to do her thing, and when it is kipping pullups, i need a lot of space... I guess this might justify a manicure :)

Scott extraordinaire

Or at least kind of...I just wanted to give a shout out and a congratulations to him. Last week my brother played in districts and qualified for state. On Monday and Tuesday he played in state and did pretty well considering this is his first appearance at the state tournament. His team took 3rd in state which is great. Here are some actions pics...
the crescent valley golf team

this picture was from districts the week earlier Good Job buddy....i'm proud of you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who loves the sun?

I do....So guess what the sun means? Barbecue time. That's right barbecue Saturday night. It would be at my house, but i don't have a barbecue, so that raises a problem. Solution: the barbecue is at Megan and Trevor's house in SE Portland. Who's invited: You....reading my blog in the portland area...i'm going to assume this is mainly people from the gym and work. So give me a call or leave a comment and i will give you the details. It will start around 530 on saturday. it is a BYOB kind of thing. Trevor is going to be preparing some delicious food. if you feel like bringing a side dish that's cool. Let's enjoy this weather.

P.S. i will be at the gym on Saturday for those folks who need some details.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guess who came into town?

My best frriend Megan had a quick/spontaneous trip to portland for the weekend. Unfortunately i was working (boo), but we still got to hangout briefly. Megan, myself and our friend Mike had breakfast. As short as it was, i was still so happy to see her. I certainly miss that girl. I guess I'm due for another trip to Houston.

classic pose for these two....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Hey Mom....Thanks for being awesome!!!! Love You...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wine Country....

last post about the road trip i swear....we visited wine country and so i gotta post some pictures. we went to Viansa in Sonoma was an italian winery. this place was awesome. You could choose from a large selection of wines to try, i guess it is cause we are in the real "wine" country. (in previous experiences, i have only been able to drink the set flight of wines, not picking and choose based on what i like.)monika and cristinai still need to work on my swirling technique next stop....domaine carneros in napa valley (thanks for the suggestion devon). this place specialized in sparkling wine....i loved it.
cristina and i enjoying our champange
monika with her cracker, cheese and figwhat a good way to end the road trip

Thursday, May 8, 2008

San Fran Day 3...Cinco de Mayo

For our last day in San Fran we headed down to Pier 39....there we got convinced to rent bikes for the day and ride around San Fran....

The three of us taking a quick stop....i don't know how to keep my eyes open apparently the four of us near crissy field
another bike stop
nice monacool bridge
mona and megan
cristina and i demonstrating our biking skills
riding on the bridge

before riding over the bridge....this was after we biked up a steep hill, hence taking of the jackets even in the windy weatherafter riding over the bridge we coasted downhill, i would at times about 25 mph to sausalito...

there we locked up our bikes and had lunch.....

i love this many nurses does it take to lock up a bike?lunch time
then we caught a ferry back over to pier in san fran....this is the backside of alcatraz

that night being cinco de mayo and all we thought we would hit up the town....however, for some reason the part of san fran that we were in was kind of dead.....we hit up a local bar and enjoyed some beer and of course margaritas...

cristina and i enjoying our margaritasbreakfast at local diner at 1 am...perfect way to end the night

all in was a great trip. i'm glad that we stayed in san fran and is a great little city. i would consider moving there except that it is super expensive....oh well, maybe travel nursing?

San Francisco...Day 2

The next day in San Fran, we slept in of course, and then headed near union square and went shopping. First stop, H&M. I loved it. I had to use some self control and only bought a few items.

Cristina waiting for us outside H&M.

Waiting for the cable car...
Riding on the cable car, we took it down to Fisherman's Wharf where i got to exprience eating crab straight off the shell for the first time....let's just say it was messy
The view of Alcatraz at the top of a hill while on the cable car
Being women, we had to make a stop at Ghirardelli Sqaure and try some chocolate...
the golden gate bridge is off in the distancei thought this was a funny/artsy picture of the three of us waiting for the cable car to go home

That night we went into chinatown to a local brewery and enjoyed a good microbrew...we still love our portland beer though

San Francisco Day 1

We got into San Fran in the middle of the day....we checked into our hotel and then headed to union square. We had to make a stop at my store of course, it only seems fitting. After dinner and getting all fancy, we headed down a few bocks to a dueling piano bar. It was a lot of fun.
Cristina had a friend in San Fran and him and his buddy met up with us. Monika posing, hot thing...

Megan and I

The four us, clearly enjoying ourselves

Then, we headed to a nearby dance was techno music, which usually i dislike, but this place wasn't so bad....the four of us
Cristina and Monika getting ready
San Fran Ben and I were called up on stage to do the dance from pulp fiction....i think we did alright
More dancing on the stage....i think this one was to dancing queenIt was a fun first night in San Fran