Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend...

So after working three tough nights in a row, I headed over to the gym for a morning Thanksgiving workout. Thanks to Nate and Tina for being flexible and accomodating client's request for certain aspects of the workout, i.e. (ball slams, wall ball, running..., it was a tough night at work). After that I was awake, packed up my things and headed down to Corvallis. The traffic was not too bad.

I took an afternoon nap, and then enjoyed thanksgiving dinner with my family. I love the holidays and being at home.

My sister, mom, and I braved the crowds on Black Friday, and did some Christmas shopping. It wasn't as bad as i expected. I came away with some good gifts too.

Saturday was of course the big day. I was super excited. My friend Abby had a huge tailgate, and it was nice to see everyone from home/high school. I then met up with Katie at her tailgate and had fun there. I then picked up Jenna and went back my parents house where we watched the game at home with my Mom.

Let's just say it was a very sad loss, maybe even a little bit embarassing. But it is alright, I'm over it.
Sunday was fam time.
I headed back home today. It was sad to leave, but nice to back at my own house. Katie and I wore our matching shirts Thanksgiving morning.Siblings on game day Sisters...can you tell?

High school girlfriends....Amy, Abs, Caitlyn, and I Katie and I before the game....nice face paint, true beaver fanRyan and I
Gina and I
Gina and Bill

This was before the game, but I'm pretty sure this was Katie's face after the game. It's okay Katie, there is always next year. Go Beavers!