Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fun with dry ice....

So we had dry ice for the was awesome, minus that i got a small burn on my skin. and no i didn't touch the ice, it happened when i was carrying the bag in. oh well, here is a picture of us melting the dry ice. i tried posting a video, but for some reason it is not working.


So my roommates and i threw a halloween party this last saturday. jen did most of the planning and we helped a little bit. all in all, it was a good time. my costume was a nurse, but i would definitely not wear this outfit to work. it was a fun time. happy halloween everyone!!!
jenn and iroommates, everyone meet tom, he is my new roommatewillesha and i, doesn't she look great as dorothy
jacqui as jacqui onassis, and mike

some of the guys here to save the day, and yes the one guy is a LDS missionary
mike and i

maybe i found my mcdreamy....or not

Bodybugg update...

So last wednesday i had a weigh again with my trainer. I lost 1/2 a pound, and i stayed at the same body fat percentage. I was kind of disappointed, but it happens. Being sick the last two weeks, i definitely slacked off on my exercise plan. so we will see in a week and a half with what happens. but i have been working my tail off, and having some very intense workouts with lucas. that is my health and fitness update.

oh yeah, when i was home in corvallis, my mom and i made this dessert called apple crisp parfait. it is a healthier version of apple crisp which i love. so if anyone feels like making it here is the receipe:
3 cups of slice and peeled apples (about 3 medium apples)
1/3 c. old fashioned cooking oats
3 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp water
1 tsp cinnamon

4 ounces nonfat vanilla yogurt
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
3/4 c. light whipped toppping (cool whip works best)

preheat oven to 350. combine oats, brown sugar, water and cinnamon. put the mixture in 1-quart casserole. bake for 25 minutes.

while baking combine the yogurt, cinn., and nutmeg together, then fold in the whipped topping. i suggest adding a little bit more cinnamon. just like a pinch or so.

when apples are done, then mix the yogurt in. this is much like a yogurt with granola/fruit, but even better. its was suprisingly good and my family ate it up. i suggest doubling the recipe.

nutrition info:
one serving- 1/2 c. apples, 1/4 c. topping
167 calories, 34 grams carbs, 2 grams protein, 2 grams fat

Thursday, October 18, 2007


No this is not a paid advertisement, but i just figured i would update all y'all about the latest weight loss toy i am using. So as you all know i have been working out with a trainer since the end of february. My goal back then was to lose 15 pounds and 7% body fat by the time i graduate from nursing school. Done and done, and then some. Then summer came, i moved, started a new job, went to six weddings, birthdays, vacation in hawaii, pretty much you name it. there was a lot going on that makes it very hard for one to complete be 100% on their diet. Plus i also started working night shift which just reaps havoc on the body. So since graduating i have put on a few pounds, and some body fat. Oh the infamous plateau. Everywhere in health journals and fitness magazines, the plateau is mentioned. and i have been in it for awhile. There were times that i just didn't even care, and that is what i would say to my trainer. its life, oh well.

lucas, my trainer, and i were brainstorming how i could get back on the bandwagon. i get bored very easily so we had to think of something new. i was tired of making goals, and then not reaching them. plus i was really struggling with staying under my calorie goal because i would come home from working and eat like 8 bowls of cereal or something really high in fat (usually something i would not eat normally. i know weird concept, but studies actually show when a person is starving, logic goes out the window and high sugar/high fat foods come in because they are quick energy). anyways, so i'm having this problem. he and i both agree why don't we try this electronic device that 24 hour fitness promotes for its members for weight loss. he thought it might help (plus when you invest money in something, that tends to help too).

Meet the bodybugg

It is probably just a little bit bigger than a nano ipod and you wear it on your arm. it has sensors that measure movement, so like a pedometer, as well as how much you sweat, the heat that is radiating off your skin, and how long it takes for your skin to cool down. i could explain why those are important, but i don't feel like it, so just ask instead.
the contestants on the biggest loser also use the bodybugg, so i guess i'm kind of cool.

see it just hanging out on my arm there, like a bug....(wink, wink. actually one of my coworkers proceeds to slap me on the arm anytime he sees me with it on, you know cause i have a bug on my arm, so funny.)
cool shot
up close and personal.

so i pretty much just wear it 24/7, especially in the beginning. when i sleep i don't usually wear it and sometimes when i go out and be social (let's face it, its kind of dorky).

after two weeks....drum roll please.....i lost 2.5 pounds, and 1% bodyfat. i haven't lost that significantly since i first started training. yay!!!! it has been helpful. i found out that when i work i burn at least 3000 calories/day, which is more than many males (holla!). this is exciting because it means i get to eat more instead of starve myself.

so yeah, that is my success story/progress. i plan to update more about this because i know there are plenty of readers out there who are focusing fitness, and it definitely helps to hear how others are doing in the good and bad times. so i hope this is an encouragement to keep up the hard work, it does pay off. weigh in next week so we will have to see how it goes.

Tickets to the Gun Show...

At least he is paying to see the gun he probably should, since i pay him to make these guns...Everyone meet my personal trainer Lucas. He has helped created these guns. So funny story for this picture...this last weekend i was out with my friends megan and janna at the thirsty lion. low and behold i see Lucas, i'm thinking in my head, crap hopefully he doesn't see i have a drink in my hand. (granted its a vodka tonic, only 150 calories, one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages out there). but lucas has had his fair share of alcoholic beverages and is completely oblivious to the fact i have a drink and i'm not wearing my bodybugg (more on that one later). random story, it made for a good training session this last monday when i was able to give him crap for once.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank You Lauren...

For your reading suggestion. This book was freaking hilarious and informative. It is a must read for women who are even remotely interested in taking care of their bodies. It provides the scientific information for some of the reasonings for why a woman should pay attention to what she eats, which i always like the facts. The authors are very extreme, and i think i will be making some of thsoe changes gradually, such as i went shopping at trader joes today, and i even bought meatless meatballs. I know crazy, baby steps.

Anyways, some people seem to be on health kicks, which i think is great, so i suggest reading this book. It is kind of an in your face, smart ass, sarcastic book, which is totally perfect for me.

So shout out to lauren for the reading suggestion.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jack 'O Lantern

After the pumpkin patch we got to work carving our pumpkins. Sarah went home to have dinner with her boyfriend Chris, and Janna came over to partake in the festivities. Janna and jen working on their pumpkins
careful jen, there may be nuts
mine is on the left, jen's is in the middle, and janna's is on the right
nice one Janna
i have a pumpkin face

Pumpkin patch

Sarah came over on Sunday to visit jen and I's. Then jen thought it would be fun to carve pumkpins. So we headed out to the pumpkin patch on sauvie island. it took a little while to get out there, but it was fun. it was quite busy, and we got our workout carrying the pumpkins back, but it is much cheaper getting it at the patch. nice idea jen, i have never been before.

the kids are having fun riding the cows
scenic roommate picture
nice artsy fartsy pic sarah
jen and i with our pumpkins

artsy fartsy picture of sarah

More pics from Janna and Megan's visit...

so here are some more pics from adventures with janna and megan. it was a nice weekend. we enjoyed good sushi in portland, a little shoppping in a tax free state for janna and megan, as well as dinner, good beer at rockbottom, and ending the night with karoke. and yes i actually did sing this time.
classic megan and tiff picture, so hot nick, zeke, abby (zeke's wife), and matt
stephanie, janna, and i

cool angle shot

megan, mike, and i, back together again
hey janna
matt and the three ladies
old roomie, mike
the three musketeers/my partners in crime
please come back and visit soon.

Your such a pretty Lady

Last week, Jen's parent's dog Lady stayed at our house. I don't actually recall what type of dog she is, but she is real cute and little. Sometimes she gets cold, so we put her sweater on, so i of course took pictures. She even cuddled with me one evening for a power nap. It was nice having her around, but i was glad when jen's mom picked her up because she is definitely work. I am sure jen can speak even more on my behalf. anyways, here are some pics.

a pocket, in case lady needs to carry the essentials

gangsta lady

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Megan and Janna are here.....

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! My two partners in crime are in town for the weekend. I am so happy and it is going to be a fun time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Halloween scarves...

The family cat, Charlie, is getting so old that she doesn't clean herself very well. being a long-haired cat, this means she gets these huge gnat hairballs that hurt her and feel more like tumors. every so often my mom has to go and get her shaved. its pretty amazing. this time around when my mom picked her up from the vet she had a nice scarf on to celebrate the upcoming holiday. nice one! happy halloween charlie.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Stitches...I don't think so

Yesterday at work, my friend Cristina took out my stitches for me. I figured that would be much easier than me standing in front a mirror and trying to cut the stitches which would most likely result in me cutting myself and then bleeding everywhere. not good. so anyways, no more stitches for me. let me tell you those suckers itch a lot. its nice to have them gone. now i just have a wicked scar to show for it.

i guess that is the only exciting news i have for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


On my two days off, i decided to change the decor in my bathroom. It had a plain white shower curtain and not really anything decorating the walls. Thanks to ikea i found some cute basic items, and spruced up the bathroom. I of course found a deep turquoise shower curtain, with a matching candle, ivory bath mats, wall clock, and then i put up pictures that were taken on my trip to hawaii. Just a little something, but i think it makes it look pretty. Jen, my roommate, liked the changes too. I think i should change my career and be a home decorator.
new shower curtain and water picturesshower curtain with matching candle on toliet, calender, and the corner of one of the mats

yay for two dollar wall clocks

I just hope that my new roommate Tom doesn't mind the color blue because there is a lot of it.