Friday, November 30, 2007

Type of Stool

I know this is kind of a dorky nursing thing, but someone put up this scale around our unit last night. It was quite funny. At first, some of us thought that we were going to have to start using this scale with our patients, luckily, a fellow nurse was maybe a little sleep drunk at 2 in the morning. Feel free to use this tool in your life....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy 25th birthday Denny!!!

happy birthday denny! i love that you and my sister have the same birthday, it makes it easy to remember. i hope that you have a wonderful birthday. congrats on being a quarter of a century.

Happy 21st birthday Nicole!!!

That's right, my sister is officially 21! Wow, it makes me feel old. She turned 21 at midnight, so in true fashion she went out the cantina in corvallis. i met up with her with tommy, my roommate tom and his friend. it was nice knowing half of the people in the bar, and especially seeing my sister's friends there, crazy. Anyways, happy birthday sis. I love you .

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving x2

So tonight at work we had a thanksgiving potluck where everyone brought in lots of yummy food. so good. i will definitely be going back for seconds and thirds. one downfall (well two if we count the calories, but i'm just going to take a holiday from calorie counting, no pun intended :)), anyways, the downfall, tryptophan is not my friend when i work the graveyard shift. i just want to take a nap. so instead of sleeping (or working for that matter) i am going to blog....yay!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...i hope you all have wonderful time with family/friends/significant others.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Living Grey's Anatomy...

Remember Denny from Grey's anatomy. Well he had machine called an LVAD, which stands for left ventricle assist device. he had the machine because his heart could nto pump effectively, and had this while waiting for a new heart. for all of those who wonder if my work is like grey's anatomy for the past week and a half it has been like grey's anatomy because i had a patient with this machine. it is pretty cool because there is a motor that helps to pump blood from the left ventricle through a tube and is inserted in the aorta. it is also scary because if any wires were to be disconnected then the motor would stop running, thus the heart would stop pumping blood. yeah, pretty scary, but amazing at the same time. so anyways, that is one of my patients. so i guess i do feel like grey's anatomy for part of this moment, except i will be a responsible nurse and not cut the wire.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seeing double...

My friend Ashwini from nursing school delivered two baby boys today at around 8 this morning. They have yet to decided on the names, but i just wanted to say congratulations, and i can't wait to meet them.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recap of week 11/5-11/11

Let's just take a look back at my life this last week. A couple of fun events have transpired.

1. Monday Night- Kohler 11 Girls Night Out
Some fellow lady nurses and myself went cosmic bowling. We plan these once a month events, and this time it was bowling. I actually did alright. Highest score 88, and i swear i would have broken 100, but they turned our game off because they were closing. Fun times.

my friend monika and icool cosmic bowling, i feel like i'm in high school againmy preceptor megan, she rocked at bowling, she scored a 150 my friend cristina and i (i nicknamed her mcfever)

2. Fitness and Health-
So i have been slacking somewhat in the exercising well and eating well category. Its okay, i will get over it. But i decided i needed a new fitness goal to get me motivated again. That is just how i operate. So on wednesday i did some research and found a half marathon event here in portland in April. Now i will be training to run this half marathon. i started with my first interval run on wednesday, run 3 min, walk 1.5min x8. that is how i will be training is with the intervals until i am up to where i consistenly run 3-4miles at least 3 times a week, and then i will do the marathon training. that should take me four or five weeks. on friday i found a cool podcast, that is called the couch to a 5K, that has music and cues you when to run and walk for when i run outside. i did that on friday. it was great. so yeah, new fitness goal.

also, i have already convinced two other women from work to run with me. jen, my roommate is going to do it as well. and i'm pretty sure my mom said she would walk it. so if anyone else out there wants to start training, now is the time.

3. Nursing-
I had the toughest night ever in my nursing career on friday night. It was good and bad. I actually almost started to break down and cry because i was so busy, but i held myself together and provided awesome nursing care. it was just tough because i had a very anxious patient who needed a lot of reassurance, a needy patient (as much as i try to have a good attitude, it can get very frustrating), a confused patient who had fallen on a nurse during the day, and then a very painful patient. i was running back and forth. i even finished all of my charting right up to the minute at 7am. reflecting back though, i feel that the extra time spent with my patients to reassure, provide needs, reorient and help decrease pain really helped, and i feel good about myself as a nurse in the end. so the busyness was worth it. (plus i burned a lot of calories that night, 150 more than usual).

4. Beavers-
My roommate Jen was so kind enough to get tickets from her Dad (from his work), so that my mom and i could go to the last home beaver game. i haven't been to one in a few years, and it was awesome. we even got club seating tickets. it was real nice. we got to watch the beavers barely make it for the win, but they did. Thanks to Jen's dad, Robin, and Jen for the tickets.

reser stadiummom and ijen and i jen and her dad, Robin. Thanks again for the tickets, it was awesome.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Orange Fever

I'm in corvallis. Just got here, already blogging. I hope to visit lots of people during my little venture down south. As they would say in my area of NoPo, holla at me. I'm going to the game tonight, maybe i'll see you there. Go brewers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I think i can do this on my own...

Life has its ups and downs, and i had a down this last week. So after 9 months, my trainer told me on thursday that he got a different job, and not as a personal trainer. it is really a great opportunity for him. But this is sad for me because i won't have my fitness coach anymore. And to make it even worse, his last day was on sunday. he threw out the idea of working out with a different trainer, but it just wouldn't be the same. we had our last workout session together on sunday. and for some reason i was pretty upset. my poor trainer handled it well. we had a fun session with three new workouts to be able to do on my own. so anyways, i'm sad, but i will get over it i guess.

its a good thing that everyone else is on a health kick now to help me get encourage each other. crystal and i have made a pact to keep each other accountable with our bodybuggs too. (so far crystal, i could be doing better, i'll call you later.)

so yes, the newest update in my life.

Monday, November 5, 2007


On halloween i went to a show/concert. i haven't done that in years. The guy was Matt Nathanson and he rocks. i went with some friends from my old stomping grounds of starbucks. it was a fun time, and he put on a great show. very entertaining and talented. the best part him and his band all dressed up. i will let the pictures speak for themselves, but it was amazing.

yes he was a beer maid. how awesome. he guitar player was a nerdy/science guy. nice sweater.
borat was there. i'm not exactly sure what the drummer was, but lots of jel in his hair

cool hair
he eventually took the wig off.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I lost 7 inches....

No not in my body, but in my hair....That's right i chopped my hair off. I figured it was time for a more adult cut. my hairstylist did a great job. i think i like it a lot. what do you think? Plus i can always grow it out, if i get tired of it being short.