Monday, September 29, 2008

The after party....

So Saturday was quite an eventful day....

First off the workout at the gym was called Fight Gone Bad...I think the title is enough to scare you. The workout is three rounds of the following:

-Wall Ball, Sumo-dead high pull, box jumps, push press, and the row
There is a one minute break between rounds and each rep is counted, so in the end you have this total score of all the reps. So i scored a 247, which was 3 short of my goal of 250. Overall, it was an alright score. I guess next time i'll just have to get 250. It was a very hard workout mentally, but it was fun in a sick-sort-of-push-myself-too-hard kind of way.

That evening the owners of the gym had a client appreciation party at their beautiful. It was great food (nice work tina, i'm very impressed). She made these chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter which were to die for. I'm pretty sure i had a bite of heaven and i'm not exaggerating. Ask everyone else that was there.

Then after having some glasses of wine and beer some of us ladies from the gym went dancing. It was a great time as always.

yes we all workout together and go out dancing together back it up cristina
katie, sara, and I
Devon and Jenn
cristina and jeannie
Sarah, Devon and I

I think Megan is having fun?
Yep....yes she is

Laura, Katie and Devon

megan having fun #1
megan having fun #2
megan having fun #3 Devon busting a move

all of us having fun

the end of the night

Mike's going away party...

A fellow coworker decided to leave our hospital and head off to his new manager position at a different hospital. So we of course celebrated with a nice dinner and some dancing at a place called Crush. Picutures to follow of course. Mona, Cristina, and I
Mike dancing Tracina, Mike, Monika, Cristina, and I....the nurses of 11k

Friday, September 26, 2008

Round 1 goes to....

Todd....So the bad news is that i got my butt whooped on thursday night by Todd in the tire dragging race. However, there is going to be a rematch soon because there were some unfair circumstances on both ends that made for an unfair race. Rematch soon...i'll keep you updated.

The good news is I got my first dead hang pullup on Monday. I was certainly suprised. I didn't think that I would be able to do it for about a year or so. But i guess i just like to prove myself wrong. I think the last time I got a dead hang pullup was in elementary school.

In other news....Fight Gone Bad is tomorrow. The title alone is enough to scare one. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go Seahawks...

So this last Sunday some friends and I went to the Seahawks game vs. the Rams (go Steven Jackson). Anyways the awesome part about it is we went with Eola Hills winery on a nice tour bus. They provided breakfast, snack, lunch, and well of course wine. It was a great time hanging out with friends and enjoying a NFL game. My first NFL experience. The weather turned out to be perfect seattle weather. To make it even better the Seahawks won.

I'm game for next year if anyone wants to go again.roommatesmark and katie
at the stadium

Ben the RN

qwest field...why i am standing like that i don't know? maybe cause cristina is short? or is it that i am just assuming the game stance position? or maybe i'm just too blonde...
qwest stadium
they must really like each other?
safeco field off to the left
puget sound to the right
katie and tiff took 6 tries on this photo
univ of Idaho marching band...pretty cool

i love the swedeens

clink, clink, clink, clang, clang
the bus ride home

i guess they like each other now

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Remember how i went to Denver/Boulder a week and a half ago? Well i guess now it is time to actually update on my trip. For those that don't know I went to Colorado for a little weekend trip with my friend Mike, who lives in vancouver, and my friend Megan who now lives in Houston, but used to live in Portland.

We were happy she actually made it out because Hurrican Ike almost ruined our plans. We all made it safe and sound. Mike and I at PDX airport excited for the trip
Enjoying some good beer in Colorado....the microbrews rival portland's, but i think portland still wins
megan and imike, megan and I....we went out on the town in boulder. they have an area with a bunch of shops, restaurants and bars similar to 21st area in portland. it was a great time. we made some friends in boulder who showed us around that night.
we went to a country bar with a mechanical bull....i guess that is what you do you in colorado?
i know i'm falling off here, but i did pretty good...must be because i'm originally from north dakota.
megan's turn

of course we ended the night dancing
the next morning we went hiking in the rockies, or at least the beginning part of it. it was a perfect day.
pretty view

we made it to the top
After hiking we went into denver and hit up the local sports bar to watch some football. i know kind of lame, but there were some really good games on. we then met up with some of megan's friends and they showed us around downtown denver. mike at the cigar bar
the three of us again
megan's friend nick
nice pose mike
Overall, it was a great time. I wish that it could have been longer, but not all of my friends are nurses and they actually have to work five days a week. If anyone wants to go back and visit, I'm game.