Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stop and smell the Roses....

At least that is what I believe the Beavers will be doing soon enough. I'm so excited for the game today. I'm decked out in my orange and black and ready to go. Go Beavers!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Day to be an American

Finally...I am can proudly say I am happy to be an American. Last election was not the same. Time for a change. Time to celebrate...oh wait, I'm at work. I guess party this weekend, Obama style.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

White Trash Bash 2008

So Halloween is always a great time to be silly and get dressed up. For the festivities I threw a White Trash Bash. It was a great time and there were some awesome costumes. Mad Scientist David

Carolina and Mike

Garron, fabulous as always

Devon and Megan....nice costumes ladies

Miss Understood MonikaCreative costume goes to Trevor as the lumber jack o'latern

Devon and I
Hallie as a shop teacherCruela DeVilBritney Spears Baby #1 Lots of babies
Ramy and Ryan...Greasin' it up

What a lucky man Trevor
Courtney as an American gladiator
Mike and I
courtney beating up on the boys
nurses know how to have fun
Matt the mechanie and hte lumber jack o'latern

what a good looking group of people...we are missing a few

Who is ready for next year?