Monday, April 28, 2008

How fast can you go?

This webpage is addicting...that is what i do with my time....well not all the time...

94 words


my goal is to be like katie is a very high goal to live up to...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


My friends Cristina, Monika and I went out dancing the other night. It was a lot of fun. I haven't done it in a long tme, and it was great. waiting outside in the cold, cold weather

roomies strike a pose on the dance floor
monika and i


Last weekend my little and i went to Multnomah falls when it was sunny out. We walked around and it was fun to finally get outside.

cool hole in the wall

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I think i might throw up...

At least that is how i felt after my workout on monday night. it was so freaking hard. so let me just say that as hard as my new gym/workouts are, i absolutely love them. so the workout consisted of working on some various skills, including push ups and pull ups (assisted for those of women who cannot do a real pullup). then we worked on the deadlift, which happens to be one of my favorite moves. i tell you what, i workout with some crazy women who are lifting a ton of weight. almost everyone hit a personal record. i improved from 103 to 138, yay, in a week. that is how crazy these workouts are. then our workout of the day (WOD) was a partner workout where, one person is on the row machine and the other is doing ball slams (pretty much taking a weighted medicine ball overhead throwing it down to the ground and squatting down to catch the ball, yeah sounds fun). so we would do 1 mintues at each and switch, we did five rounds of this. now it may sound easy, but not even close. so by the end of it i am exhausted on the ground when i get the pre throwup burp. some fresh air helped, and luckily nothing happened, although close i was close with some dry heaves. but all in all it was fun and i was back for more tonight.

i included a link on the side for those that want to check out my gyms blog. they actually have some good ideas for workouts if you want to switch it up...and if you are ever in portland and want to join me for a class you should because the first class is free...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Deadlier Than Ever!!!

First off can i just say that i am happy the writer's strike is over. I don't really watch a lot of tv, but it has been kind of boring this last couple of months. Last week was good week with the airing of the new shows.

What i'm really looking forward to is this tuesday night when Deadliest Catch starts. Can't wait. This last weekend they have been doing a marathon of all the episodes, and you can find me planted on the couch watching them.

Here is a little video to get other fellow Deadliest catch watchers ready....

Friday, April 11, 2008

My momma is better than yo' momma...

Last weekend my mom walked a half marathon in the Race for the Roses with two other friends, Karen andm Steve. She did a great job, and finished around 3:45. My sister was in town and we got to hangout just us girls. Good job Mom, I'm proud of you. Ready for another portland marathaon? :) rounding the last corner
finish line
the girls


So i'm pretty much settled into my new place. I do have some organizing/rearranging to do. Thanks to ikea i have a new pax wardrobe system that allows me to store all of my stuff in a nice little corner. still finishing that part up and figuring what different types of drawers/shelves i want in my closet. i get to design my own closet, it is like a dream come true.

last weekend was cristina's (my roommate) 27th birthday. we had a little get together here and it was a lot of fun. we have a good house for having guests, more get togethers to come.

i am fighting off a very annoying head cold that have become some weird lung congestion thing. i'm not one to get sick often. in fact before last winter i hadn't had a cold, not even a head cold for like three years or so. however, changing of life and maybe night shift makes this cold my third one this year. normally i just tough it out, but this one got me. i even had to call in sick to work for two nights. i worked on 12 hr shift this week. that was weird.

on a brighter note, i am loving my new workouts at this new gym. the last time i remember being pushed this hard was when i played sports. its hard, but i love it. it is a fun little workout family that we have. i haven't really been paying attention to weight and body fat, but i have been keeping track that my performance is getting better every time. today i have a PR in the row, which i love the row. so we had to row 500m as fast as we could. 1 1/2 weeks ago i did 2.03, today i did 1.55. i couldn't believe it. it was awesome. i love it to because my gym has a blog and we all know how addicted i am to blogging. they put pictures up (which i don't like), but also put up people's progress (i like) and the workout for the day (i like). anyways, i like working out, summertime here i come.