Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday!

My brother turned the big 1-8 today. I came home for the weekend to celebrate. I can't believe he is that old. It makes me feel old (which I know I am not), but it just makes you realize how quickly time flies.

Happy Birthday Buddy!
Mom with her 3 kids.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shanghai Tunnel

Last Friday Jenna and Phil came up to Portland for a sleepover. They wanted to go on the Shanghai Tunnel tour. I have never done it in my years of living in Portland. We headed over to Hobos to grab bloody marys before entering the "Portland Underground." Shanghaiing refers to men kidnapping men to be used for helping on ships. They were kept in the underground until they were put on a ship. This was all told to us by our tour guide. I'll be honest, I was pretty scared. Apparently there have been many encounters with ghosts. Poor Phil had to deal with Jenna and I being fraidy cats the whole time. Oh well, we made it out alive.Jenna and IPhil and I

The three of us before entering the undergroungJenna is kind of scared
Going underground
boots of men who were captured

a trap door that was used to kidnap men

I was bad about taking pictures. Sorry.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Puerto Vallarta here we come...

Look carefully at this picture, you should see Cristina and I sitting in the sand chairs soaking up the sun.

Did you look?

I guess we will actually be in that picture come April 2, as we are headed to Puerto Vallarta for a little vacation in the sun. I can't wait. We booked our trip today, 61 days to go.

Riu Jalisco, our hotel.

Superbowl Snowboarding...

Instead of hanging out on Sunday watching the football game eating way too much food and probably drinking too much beer, I went to the mountain with some fellow Recreate athletes, David, Devon, and Aaron. It was an awesome day for snowboarding. We headed over to Skibowl where the snow was decent and the sun was shining. Aaron signed up for lessons and so the rest of us went off to take a few runs. We all did really well. I'm getting better at not being afraid of going to fast.

We then met up with Aaron and took him up the hill where he successfully got off the chairlift, as that always seems to be the hardest party. I still have lots of problems with it. Luckily I only fell once. I'm sure David will fill you in on the details of the rest of the trip as I am very tired and need to get some sleep before the gym tomorrow. I was very happy with how we did, good group of people to go snowboarding with. Next day I think is Friday, can't wait. Aaron hanging out at the end of his lesson

Snow babe Dev
(Sorry David, apparently I don't take many pictures. I'm counting on you to do some posting.)