Friday, June 29, 2007


So it is 1 am in the morning. i am just takign a little break from studying for the nclex. it seems to be going well. anyways, at one in the morning one of my new favorite shows is on....Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. i absolutely love this show, and i love that there are always reruns on especially in the middle of the night. i have a new found appreciation for eating crab and for those men out there. talk about hard work. anyways, breaks over....i swear more will be posted soon. 5 days till my test, and then it will be back to normal.


Monday, June 25, 2007


too all my blog fans out there. this is a shout out to you, and also to let you know that i will be away for a few days, as i have been these past couple of days. sorry. i'm in the middle of moving and cleaning my old apt, as well as studying for my big nursing test. also, at my new house we don't get internet until thursday. so until thursday enjoy the sunshine.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Bye bye green apron

So this day has finally arrived. i thought it would never come. i had my last day of starbucks yesterday. it was bittersweet. i will miss my friends and some awesome customers, however, i am over being a barista. i have been working for starbucks for 2.5 years, and a barista for four years. there were good and hilarious times, as well as not so hot times. so i guess this is goodbye to the green apron.
this is a picture of my friend and future roommate, Mike and I working at the bucks.

Happy Birthday Brittany!

So yesterday was my friend, Brittany's 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Brit. If you haven't met this girl, she is pretty amazing. Anyways, we celebrated in style with dinner at Blue Moon and drinks at the Gypsy. I will post more pictures later once i find my USB cable among my boxes.

Oh yeah did you know i'm moving. and apparently its this weekend, so my apt looks like a disaster right now with boxes and stuff everywhere. i hate moving. oh well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

cold shower

So today before going to work at noon, i hopped into the shower to get nice and clean. well to my lovely suprise the water was cold. after screaming pretty loud, and then trying to adjust the water to a more bearable temperature i was unsuccessful. at this point, i realized that i had received a memo from my apt office that the warm water would be shut off today. now any normal person might just go without a shower, but i had worked out this morning with my trainer so going without a shower was not an option. i think i took the quickest shower in my life, while doing my best to avoid the water as much as possible. looking back on this it was quite hilarious as i am sure everyone has had to go through this before. at least i was awake and ready for work.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

This is a shout out to my dad, Alan. Happy Father's Day dad. Thanks for always putting up with my mood swings, blonde moments, and bad decisions. Thanks for being able to fix my computer, car, life, etc. Thanks for all the great times and the ones to come. I love you dad!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ramy and Willesha

This is just a shout out to my two best nursing school friends Ramy and Willesha. They are awesome. Thanks for all the good times.

Friday, June 15, 2007


So i just got done working out with my trainer. We did weights and measurement and i have officially met my goal. that last weigh in i had i was .3% body fat away from my goal, and i finally met it. yay! i'm excited. can't believe that i actually made it. okay, well i think i'm going to go and enjoy a treat now. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

sick to my stomach

so i just signed up to take the NCLEX which is my nursing boards, which is the test that i have to pass to become a registered nurse. this means i will actually be able to do something with my degree. july 3 is the big date. i'm nervous a little, but not too nervous. i think i might throw up. apologies in advance for any future moodiness, snapiness, shortness, flakiness, (emotions surrounding taking the most important test of my life), etc. hopefully you will all understand.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blake Lewis

so i'm not a huge fan of american idol. but this last season i got hooked because of the beat boxing done by Blake. It is so freaking awesome. i have put it on my list of requirements for my future spouse. just thought i would share this video with you being as i watch it at least once a week. i know kind of stalkerish, but oh well.

Philomath have to see it to believe it

So abby mentioned on her blog about how at weddings, it is a great time for philomath dancing to make an appearance. well this was true at jim and breanne's wedding, and i have video of it. just thought i would share it with you, for those who need a little break in their day for some entertainment. plus no wedding is really complete without this dancing. this just brings me back to the good old days of high school. i am glad that weddings are a way for us to reminisce of the old days.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I think i have a new addiction. My new addiction is blogging. This is fun. I have been doing this for the last two hours. I wonder if there is a blogging anonymous group i can join. okay, well for now i am going to be more productive with my life. Hope to see you soon.


The After Party

After the wedding friends headed over to Eagle Crest to hangout and continue the celebration of the nuptials of Jim and Bre. Here are some pics from it.

Jim and Breanne get hitched!!!!

Here are some pictures from Jim and Bre's wedding. It was a fun time with only sprinkles of rain. We were very lucky it did not pour down on us. Breanne looked gorgeous, as she is anyways, and Jim cleaned up nicely. They are now in Mexico having lots of fun. Congrats Jim and Bre!!!

Jim, Stephen and I.

I finally did it. I caught the bouquet. After years and years of trying and waiting, i was finally victorious this time around. it was no easy feat, i had to jump high in the air above all the other single women for the prize in the sky. low and behold, i got it. however, i hope this doesn't mean i am getting married soon. i definately want it in my future, but maybe like 5, 10 years down the line (unless there are any takers, just kidding :) )

Jim finally gets married

So my dear friend Jim Roe got married this last weekend. We have been talking about this day for forever. he married one of the best women i know, Breanne Cross. i lived with her for a year in independence, or. anyways, just thought i would leave some pictures of that, but first some flashbacks of jim and one of breanne

more pictures from graduation

Some of my nursing school buddies....Willesha, Alida and I

This is the male nurse Chris and his 7.5 month old baby, Dylan. So cute.

This is my favorite instructor, Abby. She is one amazing nurse.

This our my amazing friends from nursing school. i don't think i would have made it through without them. so many good times together.

me, ramy, and willesha. no we did not coordinate our outfits. this is just a reflection of why we are friends :)

College Graduation

Like i said earlier....i have finally completed a rite of passage. i graduated from college. actually, i graduated from nursing school. it is even more exciting. i am one of those few college graduates who will actually be using their degree....funny huh. (this is a sad fact for all college graduates out there. funny how life works.)

anyways, it was a really exciting time. we walked out to the sounds of bagpipes, which i thought was awesome. the ceremony that i went to was the special pinning ceremony. there some rich history that i was unclear. so to solve this issue, i googled nursing pinning and this is what i found. (this information was borrowed from


The tradition of the nursing pin and the ceremonial pinning we know today, actually originated in the 1860's at the Nightingale School of Nursing at St. Thomas Hospital in London. Having been recently awarded The Red Cross of St. George for her selfless service to the injured and dying in the Crimean War, Florence chose to extend this honor to her most outstanding graduate nurses by presenting each of them with a medal for excellence.

The Wolverton Royal Hospital in England initiated the tradition of presenting all graduates with a badge. The first pin was presented to the graduating class of 1880 at the Bellevue Hospital of Nursing in New York City. The pin presented to graduates was both beautiful and symbolic. It featured a crane in the center for vigilance, encircled with a band of blue for constancy, and an outer band of red for mercy and relief of suffering. Dr. Opas reports that by 1916 the practice of pinning new nurses was common in schools throughout the United Kingdom and North America.

so anyways, i had my pinning ceremony. my family, abby bain, and other people who have been involved in my schooling attended and it was great. it didn't actually hit me until the middle of the ceremony that i was graduating, as weird as that may sound. its exciting. so here are some pictures from this event.

Welcome to my new blog

It seems that if you want to be awesomely cool in life you have to have a blog. And since my #1 goal in life is to be awesomely cool i figured i need to break down and start a blog. Well really i just realized that i blog stalk some of my friends, literally checking their blog everyday and then getting slightly upset when there are no new posts for days, weeks, and even months. so i figured i would try and see how hard it might be. also, i know some of my friends will be very happy there is a new blogger in this internet world.

those are my ramblings for now. if i sound probably a little sleep drunk right now, well i am. i just woke up from a 12 hour slumber, so things are still taking their time to function. 12 hours you ask, well this last weekend was a busy one with my college graduation and a wedding in bend, or. i think i maybe got four hours both nights, and did a lot of driving. so when i got home last night at 5, i was pretty tired, and just decided to go to sleep. crazy i know. i guess this is the life of a college graduate. okay, well now i am going to try and figure out how to post pictures and stuff, so wish me good luck.