Saturday, December 6, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Today was a great day for hunting....Hunting christmas trees that is. Cristina and I had a mission to get a Christmas tree. We decided to go to a farm where you can cut down your own tree. Being a child who grew up in a house with a fake Christmas tree (which now I understand why, it is so much work for a real tree) I have never had the experience of picking out a tree and cutting it down. Cristina and I headed out to Beaverton with Megan strolled around and finally found one. So of course I am going to have pictures to document this adventure.

I would say this was part two of our partner workout today. cristina started the sawing off

megan helping outmy turni'm almost done...i guess we should have timed ourselves to see how long it would have taken...i guess there is always next year

we did double troublewatch out cristina....saws are dangerous workout idea? tree around the block?


I and J Mommy said...

Great Tree Ladies!! I am glad you finally get to have a real tree, you'll remember this for many many years to come...especially when you bring the next one home. Merry Christmas

Nicole Ann said...

fun tiff! looks like a good one!

scotty and crystal said...

I like your hair!!! Did you lighten it? Oh, and I like your tree too. I am totally missing all the Christmas spirit stuff. I play Christmas music in our house, but someone being in a tank top and shorts will the windows are all open and the fan is on just negates all my hard Christmas-spirit work. Love and miss you!!

The Bains said...

Good job ladies!!!