Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Road to Hana

So today we drove the road to hana. now for those of you who have not been to maui, the road to hana isn't necessarily about getting to hana, but it is about the different, amazing viewpoints, waterfalls, beaches, etc. of hawaii. many of the different locations have spectacular views, which i am sure are adorned of lots of postcards everywhere. the road to hana is very curvy, long, and i think about half of the road is a one lane road where you have to be a courteous driver and let others pass depending on who was there first. my mom did amazing driving and we made it out alive. at times i thought we were going to die only because of the other crazy drivers. there were many different places where you could semi-pull off the road and see things. a couple of them that were recommended in our guide ended up being closed or gated, so that was an adventure. all in all it was worth it, even when i started getting my grumpy pants towards the end of the trip because i was hungry/tired/nauseous (not a good combo).
this is my serious face, i was figuring out the plan for our trip on the road to hana
one of the pools at the sacred seven pools
a couple more of the pools and falls, at the sacred seven pools
cool waterfalls
my brother and i hiking up boulders/rocks

so pretty
again, pretty
the family
black sand beachessister and I

nice pose Nicole
my parents and their matching beaver shirts, go beavs, national champs 2007
that is a part of the road we drive on, talk about crazy
another black sand beach


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

So pretty...I had a t-shirt with the road to Hana on it once...that's all.

abby said...

nice shirts mr. and mrs.!

the kelley's said...

nice waterfall hike, it kind of reminds me of Silver Falls, not bad

cjvandenbos said...

Our family tried that once...we didn't make it...Waaayy too curvy for the horner's... So good job tif's family!

p.s. you look HOT!

The Winkleplecks said...

You get grumpy? Weird...