Friday, August 24, 2007


Maui...we made it. So yesterday we flew into Maui. Let me tell you i was pretty exhausted. We stopped at costco to stock up on essential groceries, checked into our villa, walked around the local area, and got settled in. By the end of the day i was pretty beat. I had been awake for over 24 hours because i went pretty much straight from work to the airport without much sleep on the plane. My bedtime last night was like fiveish. Oh well, this is vacation right? At least I'm well rested for the duration of my vacation.

This morning my sister, mom and i went on a walk along the beach, and then stopped at local shops, looked at souveneirs that we could get, and picked up some coffee. After that the fam and i went back to the beach and played in the ocean, sunbathed, and relaxed (which was much needed). Today was much more low key because we have many things planned for later on this week. This also means i actually have some time to blog. Its a good thing we have internet. Hopefully i will be able to keep up on this, so then i don't have to play catch up, however, i'm not making any promises.

Oh the beautiful sites of Maui.

My mom and i walking along the liquid hot magma (at least, that is what it used to be)
Mom and I
Sis and I (i'm the one on the we are really starting to look more alike)

My brother and sister body surfing....
My sister being smashed by the brother sort of got the hang of it

This is the view from one of the decks at our condo/villa thingy. Anyways, the beachfront is just past those buildings and across the street. pretty nice eh? anyways, can't wait for more sunshine. and i will try and keep you posted. well its early mornings here, so i am off to bed.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun stuff Tiff...Come visit me in Pasadena when you need some more sun!

abby said...

wow tiffy...looks so relaxing. tell the fam hi!

Anonymous said...

More like liquid hot tiff!