Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Calling Nurse Tiff

So this last week was my first week as a nurse all by myself. There was no one watching over me or checking in on my me. It has been so good thus far. The first two nights were fairly easy because i had some very stable patients. The third night was pretty busy. About two hours before change of shift, one of my patients starting bleeding. I ended up holding pressure on the site for an hour because it would not stop bleeding. Eventually the charge nurse informed me that there is a special device that will hold pressure, so that the nurses do not have to. It was definately a busy time. And to top it off i even got a small amount of blood on my scrubs. That is probably weird to the rest of the world, but in the nursing world, I think i had my official initiation.
I have been working a ton. In two weeks, I will have worked 10 shifts. So i pretty much have disappeared from the world because i work all the time.
But no complaining becasue I'm a nurse and I love it.