Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ramy and Ryan's Wedding Part 2


Offering of the Dowry
Early on Saturday morning we gathered at a neighbors house to get ready for a parade. This parade or procession included the groom, his family and friends bearing gifts ranging from fruits, vegetables, alcohol, pig's head, etc.

Everyone gathers inside around the dowry. The grooms family offers the gifts, and the bride's family accepts the gifts.

The bride and groom exchange rings.

The bride and groom pay homage to the spirits of their ancestors, inform them of their marriage, and ask for their blessing.

The Haircutting Ceremony

This part of the ceremony is symbolic of getting rid of the negative feelings and evil spirits/things that surround the bride and groom.

Ryan's groomsmen who are from atlanta, also had the special opportunity to wear traditional outifts.
Aren't these two so cute. The boy is named Ellis, and his mother is one of Ramy's cousin. The girl is named Sanaya, and i went to nursing school with her mom, Ashwini.

Pairing the Couples

This part of the ceremony is the most memorable stage. The groom offers three palm flowers to the bride's family. The bride joins the ceremony. The bride and groom ask for blessing from their ancestors. A sword is given to the bride and groom to protect against enemies. The sacred pots are opened to wish the new couple peace, prosperity, good health, longevity, etc...Married couples then sit around the bride and groom passing candles around 7 times. The holy smoke inhaled by the bride and groom is believed to give them strength and protect from enemies, dangers, and all evils of the world. The priest declares the marriage and gives advice and best wishes, and then ties a string around the wrist of the bride and groom. Family and friends do the same tying knots on the bride and groom. The bride then returns to her room with the groom, him holding the edge of her outfit.

The sword to protect them. In american tradition seed is usually thrown at the bride and groom. Instead, we threw palm seed and flowers. Following the bride back to the room. The happily married couple. This was the conclusion of the traditional part of the Cambodian wedding.