Friday, August 31, 2007

Late flights

So i know its almost 3 in the morning. however, i'm not tired just yet (the whole night owl thing) so i figured i would post a quick blog/vent. our flight today from hawaii back to portland was delayed almost two hours. we were already scheduled to get in around 1130 at night which is pretty late, and we ended up getting in at 1am. i know that things happen, but i was just frustrated. it didn't help that i hardly got any sleep the night before because my sister was coughing up a storm (allergies :-( ) and i was hot and various other things. so i'm tired and just want to get home, but the flight is delayed. i again had my grumpy pants, but eventually i got over it.

the strangest thing is i found out that the plane when it was in portland getting ready to leave one of the engines did not turn on, which is why our plane was then running late to go back to portland. want to know how i know this? well because i ran into casey and lauren hurt as they were getting off of the plane from portland. small world huh? i think so. i also found out that a girl i used to work with jenny armstrong is getting married in hawaii in like a week or something.

the hot thing to do right now is going to hawaii. so if you haven't yet, you better do it and invite me along cause i am ready to go back. alright i'm getting tired now. i will post more pictures from the trip and stuff tomorrow or in the next few days. i am back to real life and i start the first of four shifts in a row, so i may just disappear for a few days.

nurse reinke is peacing out for the night.