Monday, September 29, 2008

The after party....

So Saturday was quite an eventful day....

First off the workout at the gym was called Fight Gone Bad...I think the title is enough to scare you. The workout is three rounds of the following:

-Wall Ball, Sumo-dead high pull, box jumps, push press, and the row
There is a one minute break between rounds and each rep is counted, so in the end you have this total score of all the reps. So i scored a 247, which was 3 short of my goal of 250. Overall, it was an alright score. I guess next time i'll just have to get 250. It was a very hard workout mentally, but it was fun in a sick-sort-of-push-myself-too-hard kind of way.

That evening the owners of the gym had a client appreciation party at their beautiful. It was great food (nice work tina, i'm very impressed). She made these chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter which were to die for. I'm pretty sure i had a bite of heaven and i'm not exaggerating. Ask everyone else that was there.

Then after having some glasses of wine and beer some of us ladies from the gym went dancing. It was a great time as always.

yes we all workout together and go out dancing together back it up cristina
katie, sara, and I
Devon and Jenn
cristina and jeannie
Sarah, Devon and I

I think Megan is having fun?
Yep....yes she is

Laura, Katie and Devon

megan having fun #1
megan having fun #2
megan having fun #3 Devon busting a move

all of us having fun

the end of the night


Sara said...

Good times!

Jenn said...

Great photos and good times for sure!

Heather said...

that work out seems neat! i want to do that!!

dancing looks like fun!