Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Remember how i went to Denver/Boulder a week and a half ago? Well i guess now it is time to actually update on my trip. For those that don't know I went to Colorado for a little weekend trip with my friend Mike, who lives in vancouver, and my friend Megan who now lives in Houston, but used to live in Portland.

We were happy she actually made it out because Hurrican Ike almost ruined our plans. We all made it safe and sound. Mike and I at PDX airport excited for the trip
Enjoying some good beer in Colorado....the microbrews rival portland's, but i think portland still wins
megan and imike, megan and I....we went out on the town in boulder. they have an area with a bunch of shops, restaurants and bars similar to 21st area in portland. it was a great time. we made some friends in boulder who showed us around that night.
we went to a country bar with a mechanical bull....i guess that is what you do you in colorado?
i know i'm falling off here, but i did pretty good...must be because i'm originally from north dakota.
megan's turn

of course we ended the night dancing
the next morning we went hiking in the rockies, or at least the beginning part of it. it was a perfect day.
pretty view

we made it to the top
After hiking we went into denver and hit up the local sports bar to watch some football. i know kind of lame, but there were some really good games on. we then met up with some of megan's friends and they showed us around downtown denver. mike at the cigar bar
the three of us again
megan's friend nick
nice pose mike
Overall, it was a great time. I wish that it could have been longer, but not all of my friends are nurses and they actually have to work five days a week. If anyone wants to go back and visit, I'm game.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun Tiff....

Nicole Ann said...

well if i move there you should come visit again!