Saturday, September 6, 2008

When did summer end?

I can't believe it is already Sept 6th. What happened to summer. This has been the busiest summer for me, which i guess is a good thing because i've been doing some many different things. So i guess it is time for some updates:

Labor day weekend:
My friend Mark had some friends in town from the east coast, so of course we got to show them around Portland. It was a fun time.

katie, cristina and i (the trifecta)
classic katie and i picture
mark's friend derek
good times

Sunday of labor day weekend, cristina and i had people over for a little pizza and beer. Cristina's boyfriend was in town from philly visiting, so it was sort of a welcoming party too, at least that is what we told him :) We had such a good time, i forgot to take pictures.

After my work week was over, some friends and i went to Portland Timbers soccer game. There are only two home games left, so I had to make sure to support my team (especially now that there are talks of a major league team, might as well go while the tickets are still cheap).
Meet Joan, fellow nurse on 11k...she is a real hardcore timbers fan
marz and trevor....
cristina and megan

katie and i (she refused to take a picture)
For marz's last night in town some of us went out to eat at Al-Amir, a lebanese restaurant. It was delicious and i absolutely recommend it for people to try. There was even a belly dancer.
megan give a "no thanks" to learn how to belly dance

the ladies dancing....not too shabby
pay up trevor
you too david

Today, i went to the Rose Garden with my little for Greg Oden's Summer Slam. It was pretty much a way to thank pepole who are mentors, as well as try and get more people involved in mentoring. It was cool. Good lunch, fun activities for us to do and of course we got to meet Greg Oden.

giving a little talk
my little and I
playing guitar hero with a little kid...i'm pretty sure the kid beat him, by a lot....guess you can't be good at everything
balloon flower

i just wanted to highlight the shirt...i think the people of Portland would appreciate it, right David?

Anyways, it has been a busy time. I think it will continue too for awhile. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go surfing with some friends on the Oregon Coast. Hopefully i don't get frost bite. Then, next weekend I'm going to Denver for a little rendezvous trip with my friend Megan and Mike. I can't wait to hangout with them. Then hopefully i can make it home for a few days and visit with friends i miss dearly. I guess that is all for now. Gotta finish baking some cookies before i go and watch a UFC fight...


I and J Mommy said...

Busy, Busy, bee!! Great pic's as always.