Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Revenge of Curtis P's...

Monday at the gym involved an exercise a move called the curtis P (hang squat clean, lunge each leg, then push press of course holding dumbells). Now, prior to Monday I liked this move because it was a dynamic movement, good in short amounts. However, this is not true now after Monday. The workout involved doing too many of these Curtis P's and now they are on the list of exercises I don't like, along with many other things.

Mainly why I don't like it is related to the fact that I have been waddling all night at work from my butt being so sore. It was bad enough that a fellow coworker pointed out the fact of my waddle. As well as how long it would take me to get from sitting to standing and standing to sitting because my legs are sore as well. Oh well, i guess it is all worth it for being physically fit. I am looking forward to using my foam roller at home. Maybe i should change the title of this post to "Thank goodness for foam rollers..."