Saturday, August 2, 2008

Warning: Lots of pictures to follow

Last Saturday a bunch of friends and i headed out for a night on the town to celebrate my friend, Monika's 30th bday. How do you celebrate a 30th bday? Well by being hauled around town on an drunk bus. We signed up to ride this bus that would take us to 6-8 different bars, karoke bars, and dance clubs. What a brilliant idea...We started the festivities around 530 and ended around 2am. It was great time, and i think Monika celebrated in style. Here are pictures from the event... Monika in front of the bus...that's right, we are route cool

Everyone had to have a bus buddy and each time we got back on the bus, we had to make sure our bus buddy was here is katie and i starting the night off as bus buddies
bus buddies: the henderson brothers
bus buddies: monika and anniebus buddies: kat and courtney (trevor and megan were the other bus buddies, but for some reason i didn't have a picture of them...sorry guys)
megan showing off her pool skills at the 2nd stop
2nd stop...i'm pretty sure we are all regretting this

cool artsy photo of mark and joe playing foosball
megan and monika

megan, trevor and kat dancing it up

this was monika's new best friend on the bus
courtney sang at one of the karoke bars...that girl can sing
annie and i

having the time of our lives
happy birthday mona!
strike a pose courtney recreate girls...i think this is going to take a lot of burpees to work this one off

end of the night with my bus buddy
happy birthday mona....what a great way to celebrate