Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Bash....

So i finally started feeling better and celebrated my birthday on Saturday night at my friend Monika's house (she has an amazing deck/backyard). Anyways, it was a BBQ with good eats and good times. Megan and monika
my friend devon, mike, and i (telling a story apparently)
todd, nate, and mark from the gym
nice close up david, courtney and nathan almost have the same pose
joe, tina, and devon

me and mona just hanging out on the deck eating burgers
katie, mona and cristina
devon and i
courtney and cristina...having fun in the kitchenmona and trevor hanging out...notice the pirate stash, nice trevor (p.s. i couldn't upload the bday video, sad)
then, it was time to hit the club and go out dancing in true birthday form
here we are all ready to dance...katie, courtney, cristina, me and monika
having fun roomies
the crew plus fellow nurse jeanne...don't worry, she just has a purple wig on
towards the end i was getting tired, so to wake me up the girls did a nice little dance
such good friends i have....
all in all it was a good way to end the week of the illness....


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun Tiff....I'll be home in a few days (1 week)...wanna hang out.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

July 31st-Sept 3rd....for awhile!