Sunday, July 6, 2008 we come

40 people of the Gartner Family went white water rafting on the Deschutes River. I have never been and it was so much fun, scary at first. Mom and Dad excited for rafting

My Aunt Jen and cousin Hunter
family on one side

family on the other side
my sister and brother's boat

my dad and mom's boat (my dad is front left)
my mom is in the back on the right
my boat going down a class IV rapid (i'm in the middle left)
so fun....i think this is after we hit a huge hole
scary, but fun

it was a blast...i need to go again soon


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scotty and crystal said...

nice tiff, what part of the deschutes did you run? did you have a mandatory take out point?

Katie said...

we're pretty sure a guy in our Dox Tribe was one of your patients last week! he was telling us a story about this nice nurse named Tiffany who was scared during the thunderstorm, and we made him describe you and decided it probably was our own Nurse Tiff!

small world, eh? unless it wasn't you, in which case...never mind!