Sunday, July 6, 2008

Review of Gartner Family Reunion

So i have been busy for a long time and haven't been able to update about the reunion until now. (also, my camera broke, so it took me a little while to fix it and get pictures.) it was a hell of a time. i went hiking in the snow, white water rafting, ate lots of delicious (german) food, and probably drank way too much bud light. all in all it was great to see family that i haven't seen in like 5-10 years. the siblings
all of the cousins on the reinke side (minus 2)

my cousins katie and megan matching cowboy know you are from north dakota when you buy a cowboy hat
my dad and hsi sister barb (i supposedly look the most like her)

cousin steph, me, and my brother scott my cousin sarah at paulina lake
nicole and i with steph's boyfriend kyle
cousin hudson, such a freaking cutie! (this is probably what my kids will look like one day, in the very distant future)
aunt naomi, uncle bob, and aunt mary

scott with cousins hunter and hudson (cool shirts)
all of the Reinke's
all of the second cousins at the reunion

my dad's brother and sisters. back row- tracey and my dad, second row- barb and naomi, front row- mary, bob, and cam baby cousins hudson and cute