Monday, October 13, 2008

OSU Beavers...

Saturday I had the opportunity to head down to Corvallis with Katie to see the Beavers play Wash. St. It has been a long time since I went to a game and it was fun getting decked out in OSU gear and cheering the team. I love college football. I was a little worried that the beavers weren't going to win by much, but luckily they got it together and beat the 30-point spread. It was a great time as always hanging out with Katie.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the ticket. You guys have great seats (50 yard line, third row back).Katie and I tailgating
Decked out in orange and black
Me, Katie's friend Katie, and Beachwood I was introduced to a game called flip cut....Katie and I take this game very seriously
Katie getting fired up about something I forgot what i was mad about

My brother Scott and I

Part 1 of Reser's game time
Reser Stadium....part 2
Katie and I at the end of the game....66-13
posing by the ironman i think we might be fighting over the iron man
See you next home game....Nov. 1 i believe.


Nicole Ann said...

fun pictures!! i cant believe buddy actually smiled in the picture with you! he hates me when i ask to take a pic ha jealous! you are going to the next home game?? what if i want the extra ticket haha

Anonymous said...

I was there too, I wish I would have known you were down.

scotty and crystal said...

Fun pictures tiff, I miss my OSu Beavers, nice to live the experience THROUGH you.

Thanks for updating your blog , it's nice to see pictures and hear what is going on from home.
Loves and miss you

Michaela said...

Hey Tuff.
Looks like you had fun!
I miss Oregon football a lot being out here. how are things?

P.S. I love flip cup.