Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The busy last weekend....

Last weekend was very eventful for me, in fact i think i'm still in the process of recovering.

* First off on Friday night at the gym i hit a pr with the deadlift, 160. I was excited considering that we hadn't deadlifted in a long time.

*I hung out with my good friend Willesha who hadn't hung out with in forever. It was a good time.

*After going to the gym, my little and her family invited me to go fishing with them in the afternoon. It was free fish day. I have never been so i was excited. We headed out to the gorge. Their family owns a lot of property in that area, so we went fishing at a random stream. After about a 1.5 of trying without catching anything, we decided to move to a different pond/lake. We tired there for an hour, again without any luck. We went home without any fish, but i still learned how to fish.

*Saturday night my girlfriends, Monika, Cristina and I went out dancing. It was a fun time, although the places we went to did not have a whole lot of people. We still had a good time as always.

*Sunday morning, Cristina and I met up with some people from our gym to go hiking out in the gorge. We went hiking at Angel's Rest. It was a 4.6 mile moderate round trip hike. It was a lot of fun, and really brought out my outdoorsy/adventurous side. Or at least, i'm trying. Even though i got some blisters i still powered through. Afterwards, the group grabbed lunch at edgefield. The other car went home, and our car decided to grab another beer. This may not have been the best idea cause this turned into grabbing beers until 9pm. Oh well, it was worth the fun times.

*To top of the fun weekend, on Monday i decided to give into my desires and bought the wii...So far it has been a lot of fun playing. Since i am already bad at blogging, I am probably going to be even worse now. Oh well.

So that was my weekend, it was great. Here are some pictures.

My little Sequoia fishing...
Her sister hangingo ut fishing
Monika and Cristina at McFadden's
Don't worry, we were right next to a couple that got engaged at the dance club....yeah, i know a dance club, what a romantic
the three of usroomies


I & J 's Mommy said...

you three look so beautiful!!!!

Nicole Ann said...

adorable going out pics...i love the top beej!