Thursday, May 8, 2008

San Fran Day 3...Cinco de Mayo

For our last day in San Fran we headed down to Pier 39....there we got convinced to rent bikes for the day and ride around San Fran....

The three of us taking a quick stop....i don't know how to keep my eyes open apparently the four of us near crissy field
another bike stop
nice monacool bridge
mona and megan
cristina and i demonstrating our biking skills
riding on the bridge

before riding over the bridge....this was after we biked up a steep hill, hence taking of the jackets even in the windy weatherafter riding over the bridge we coasted downhill, i would at times about 25 mph to sausalito...

there we locked up our bikes and had lunch.....

i love this many nurses does it take to lock up a bike?lunch time
then we caught a ferry back over to pier in san fran....this is the backside of alcatraz

that night being cinco de mayo and all we thought we would hit up the town....however, for some reason the part of san fran that we were in was kind of dead.....we hit up a local bar and enjoyed some beer and of course margaritas...

cristina and i enjoying our margaritasbreakfast at local diner at 1 am...perfect way to end the night

all in was a great trip. i'm glad that we stayed in san fran and is a great little city. i would consider moving there except that it is super expensive....oh well, maybe travel nursing?


Jim and Brea said...

Tiff, you're so hot!