Friday, April 11, 2008


So i'm pretty much settled into my new place. I do have some organizing/rearranging to do. Thanks to ikea i have a new pax wardrobe system that allows me to store all of my stuff in a nice little corner. still finishing that part up and figuring what different types of drawers/shelves i want in my closet. i get to design my own closet, it is like a dream come true.

last weekend was cristina's (my roommate) 27th birthday. we had a little get together here and it was a lot of fun. we have a good house for having guests, more get togethers to come.

i am fighting off a very annoying head cold that have become some weird lung congestion thing. i'm not one to get sick often. in fact before last winter i hadn't had a cold, not even a head cold for like three years or so. however, changing of life and maybe night shift makes this cold my third one this year. normally i just tough it out, but this one got me. i even had to call in sick to work for two nights. i worked on 12 hr shift this week. that was weird.

on a brighter note, i am loving my new workouts at this new gym. the last time i remember being pushed this hard was when i played sports. its hard, but i love it. it is a fun little workout family that we have. i haven't really been paying attention to weight and body fat, but i have been keeping track that my performance is getting better every time. today i have a PR in the row, which i love the row. so we had to row 500m as fast as we could. 1 1/2 weeks ago i did 2.03, today i did 1.55. i couldn't believe it. it was awesome. i love it to because my gym has a blog and we all know how addicted i am to blogging. they put pictures up (which i don't like), but also put up people's progress (i like) and the workout for the day (i like). anyways, i like working out, summertime here i come.


mellens said...

I wanna see your gyms blog!! That's cool, way to go tiff!