Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts and Nursing updates...

Sorry for not blogging ever...i don't know why it is so difficult. i figured i would at least update a little.

1. First nursing update: Work has been crazy. My first night back from hawaii was the busiest night ever, and it was the same fro the next week. So i guess that can kind of drain a person a little bit...but i'm making it through.

2. 2nd nursing update: I did compressions on a real person this last week, instead of just the dummies from cpr class. anyways, it was so weird.

3. I hate moving, and i'm doing it this weekend. I'm moving in with my friend cristina from work this weekend. I wish that i could hire someone to do all my moving for me. oh well.

4. speaking of moving, my new car has been great for moving. the only thing that doesn't fit is my bed, but thats okay. yay for new cars.

5. cristina and i tried out a new gym today....we liked it. so more updates about that soon.

6. i went home this last weekend for easter. my sister was home too. it was so much fun to be with family it makes me wish i lived closer to home.

i think that is all for now.



The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Hey Tiff...Nice to hear from you!

mellens said...

Hey tiff,
Just wanted to let you know, you CAN hire people to move stuff for you. Good luck and have fun! And, way to be a hot nurse!!

Anonymous said...

Hope this next week is a little better for you. See you the weekend. Love ya, Mom

scotty and crystal said...

hey tiff, i miss you too. thanks for the sweet encouragement, you are a super motivator for me. can't wait to see pictures of the new place

Toner said...

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Martin said...

Good Job! :)

Martin said...

Good Job! :)