Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Test Drive #1

So now that i am a hot shot nurse, apparently the next thing to do in my life is to buy a car. Soon enough i will be retiring the ford taurus to my little brother. The car i have mainly been interested in is a honda cr-v. i like it because it is a small suv like my mom's but not a ford. sorry ford, but i just need a break from you. courtney was up in town working and then visiting me and tagged along with me to test drive a car. so here are some fun pictures from the test drive. the dealer tried very hard to persuade me to buy a car then, but i was definitely not ready. but hopefully soon enough.
courtney's photo shoot while test driving, so hot court... checking out the navigation system, i'm very serious about this
oh hey, i think i look cute in this car
meet my salesman Harrison from mississippi

kind of scary driving a brand new car
focused on driving
thanks for coming with me court, i needed your support

do you think i should get it?


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Ooo..Tiff, that is so exciting! What a big step. You're so grown up!

jenna kelley said...

stefani! buy it like seriously. So jenn and I finished Greg's Anatomy (yes we call it gregs on purpose) in like a week. you need to be more dedicated. you only have one week until the season premier. hurry!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Lewis calls it Greg's Academy

Nicole Ann said...

you are so old buying your own car! hurry buy one and come visit me!

Mellen's said...

that's what we're looking at! aren't they nice? I love them.

The Dorrs said...

Owning a new car is so one else's wierd body scent and lord knows what else...get it!

It makes you look hot.