Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy

For the most part grey's anatomy is not like real life hospital, however there is one aspect.
I don't know if any of you recall from season 2 with the patient Denny who had a bad heart and was waiting for a heart transplant. He is the same patient who Izzie fell in love with and cut a wire on. Anyways, on my unit, which is a cardiac unit, there has been a patient who has been waiting for a heart for the last two and a half months. She is surviving because of a dopamine drip which keeps her heart pumping. It has been tough because everytime i would return to work she would still be there waiting.

Well i finally got word from the charge nurse that this patient was leaving that night to go to surgery to get her new heart. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully when i go back i will see her again but with her new heart. it will take her awhile before she is on our unit because she will spend a lot of time in the ICU. but it is definitely good news.