Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fight with the IV

Last week i spent the day at the hospital learning how to get better at starting IVs. Starting an IV is one of those tried and true skils of nursing, and i suck at it. so i took this class to get more practice and learn tricks to enhance my skills. the interesting thing is that we just start IVs on each other. Luckily one of my fellow classmates was in the class and so that made it a little bit easier knowing that you were poking someone you knew, and not just a random person. Anyways, we each started three IVs in each other, and on the first try all three times. go us. However, i developed a nasty bruise on my arm from one of the areas where the IV was started. This does not mean that my friend did a bad job, it was actually the best one out of all three. So yeah, i have a battle scar, and it makes for a good story to use to relate to my patients. with others i just say it is a kickboxing wound, since i am so tought. alright, well that's all.

just a side note- hey jenn and jessica, i hope you guys have your babies soon...i know you are ready, and all the rest of us are ready too. keep up the laboring!!!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

That's big was the needle??