Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I know I never post. I just cna't find the time/I don't really have that much interesting stuff to say.

In response to Jenna's blog/fitness/wogging....I finally decided to I need to kick my health/fitness into a higher gear. Over the last few months, I have struggled with going to the gym, and eating unhealthy. I have puton some weight, my skinny pants don't fit well at all. I mean i can wear them, but I'm not okay with the muffin top. So it is time to buckle down and lose a little weight.
I have tried calorie counting, dabbling with the zone diet, over the last year, and none of it seems to work. A fellow trainer at the gym who also wants to lose some weight, said that she was joining weight watchers. I decided to give it a try.
Last Tuesday, I went to my first meeting, and I'm feeling very motivated. I forgot how much work it takes to keep track of what I eat. I have been good about eating at home too, which makes all the difference in eating better. My goal is to lose 15 lbs. So we will see how it goes.


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Hooray for multiple things. A) your back to blogging and B)weight watchers. My grandma has been doing it and lost 50lbs. My mom just started and lost 20. maybe I should give it whirl. Its more fun to do with friends.

Nicole Ann said...

yay a blog! hooray beejy! you can do it! goodluck!

scotty and crystal said...

I missed you!!! I also have been super motivated by Jenna's acocuntability thing on her blog, I copied her. It motivates me to work out because I don't want the 5 people who read our blog to know I was lazy. Keep us posted on your success, it helps to have accountability buddies. Love you