Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm Sorry....

I apologize to my my blog readers for not holding up my end of the bargain on this internet updating. It has been far too long. Many times i will sit down at my computer with the intention of blogging and for some reason i just can't do it. i don't know what's wrong with me. it is like working out, the more time you spend away from it the harder it is to come back. no more excuses....except one.

i'm at work right now. would you believe that i am working my sixth day in a row. i know call me crazy. 72 hours in 6 days. it is possible. my body is definitely feeling it, maybe even my brain. i have had a few blonde moments (nothing extreme, my patient care has been great). anyways, i had a blonde moment a few weeks back when i switched some shifts around and resulted in me working six days in a row. but don't worry i have a prize at the end....

houston here i come...that's right. texas better watch out, cause there is a new blonde in town. i am flying to houston tomorrow morning after work to visit my best friend megan. can't wait to see her....just a little weekend vacation until sunday morning. it will be nice to see her. plus i'm 23 and working and can do something spontaneous like this. so me crazy.

as far as the rest of my life. i'm back into working out hardcore again, although i need to eat a little bit turns out i am going to hawaii again at the end of february, beginning of march. my two best friends from nursing school and i are going to have our end of nursing school trip, now that we have money, so oahu here i come. that means i need to work on getting a six pack, or i guess i could settle for a two pack. so yeah, kicking it into gear.

the holidays were nice. i spent three days at home. my parents painted their downstairs, so some of it was spent doing manual labor. i do owe them, they have been raising me for the last 23 years. anyways, it turned out nice and i am proud of my mom for picking some bold colors. pictures to come later. hung out with friends on new years, including the infamous taylor calley, who was in town for the holidays. it was very nice to see her. i'm due for a visit to cali to see her and ruby.

other i really think i might buy a car soon. i know i have been saying that, but now i think i'm ready. i'm going to go with the classic honda accord. i can't justify paying so much money for gas on the cr-v right now. sorry, i may be rich, but i ain't that rich.

those are my thoughts. i apologize to those who i have not emailed/called/texted back. i have sort of disappeared for the last six days. hope all is going well.

p.s. it is going to be 73 tomorrow in houston. i need a little sun right now.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Wow Tiff...all sounds fun!! Except for the 72 hour work week :)

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Tick, i'll go with you to LA! it will be fun.. maybe you can buy my plane ticket in exchange for a head rub during the whole length of the flights!!

Sarah and the City said...

yay! say hi to megan for me!

Anonymous said...

Any pics from your trip?!