Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Whoever thought blogging would be so difficult.

Here comes the list of updates/thoughts from the past few weeks....

1. I am a part of the Big Brother, Big Sister program, and my "little" and i hung out the past couple weeks and i love it. She is 7 and she is so cute...One of our outings, going to the nickel arcade. It is fun to act like a kid again.

2. I had the toughest week of work last week (emotional breakdown included). But i learned from it, and feel that i am a better nurse, even if that means being a tough nurse, instead of the nice nurse.

3. My excellent customer service and barista skills finally paid off. During my graveyard days of starbucks i made my fair share of the Portland cops lattes/mochas, etc. On saturday night, some portland cops were going into bettie ford to do some scoping, and they let my friends and i cut in line. i guess it was my gift to ruby for her bday. inside, i knew one of the bartenders because he was a starbucks customer which equaled free drinks for me.

4. it was great to see ruby and lewis this weekend. i miss them a lot. i guess that means vacation to cali soon.

5. it was great to see everyone else too from corvallis and such at dave's wedding. sometimes i wish that we all just lived in the same town and hung out all the time. i say sometimes cause you know what they say about abscence makes the heart grow fonder.

6. christmas is in 6 days. i'm still getting over the fact that it is december right now.

7. for some reason last week i was very emotional. there were many factors playing into this, but a huge one was the fact that i only worked out once....i know once! what is wrong with me. for some reason during the holidays i have gotten lazy. it is amazing what working out does for my mental sanity. i learned from last week, not doing that anymore. i even ran 3.5 miles today. yay!

8. my roommate jen cooks some good food/treats. i want to learn to cook like her.

9. i want to buy a car soon, but i'm scared to take out a big loan like that. and i can't make a decision on what type of car i want. i keep changing my mind.

10. dave is married. that is crazy, and exciting at the same time.

11. i love acting like a little kid during the holidays. walking around downtown seeing the xmas lights, visiting santa, watching the boat light show, drinking hot chocolate, and hot cider. i just feel like a kid during these times.

12. my roommate tom just got an iphone. another friend has one and they are pretty freaking awesome. i kind of want one (never thought i would say that.)

13. i went to bingo on monday night. my friend garron (who is the bingo caller) had us play a game dedicated to me where you had to form the letter "T" to win bingo. so nice of him. and even crazier, i won (someone else won too, so i had the split the pot, but 25 bucks is still nice.)

14. it was willesha's bday on monday, she is 28. a great age. and she has all her ish together. she just moved into her own apartment. she just bought some nice adult furniture. it makes me want to get a place of my own, but then not at the same time cause i love my roommates.

15. my sleep schedule has been so weird. when i want to sleep i can't and when i don't want to i feel so tired all the time. must be the weather.

i think that is all my thoughts for right now....i'm sure there is more to come. this is actually kind of fun.


Sarah and the City said...

I like your thoughts Tiff. I just love that I can know what is going on in our life every once in a while. Great pictures too. Can we hangout soon? I have been so bad at calling people. Chris and I are moving on Jan 1 and I want to have you and Jen over for some girl talk. Remember that board game? ha! I love you!

Nicole Ann said...

great update beej. love the pics too, you are gorgeous! cant wait to harass you in a week! haha <3 have fun workin!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Thanks for the fun times at the Ford...glad I got to see you.