Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ramy's 25th birthday!

For my friend ramy we a organized a surprise limo wine tour. She had no idea. We went to four different wineries in the gaston/carlton area. We had a late lunch in carlton at a cute little cafe, and continued on in our wine tasting. (the pictures aren't in order, sorry, too much effort)

willesha, ramy, cristina and i before the beginning of the wine tour
all of us including ryan in front of the limo at the beginning of the tour i think this is halfway through the trip, i am getting the crazy look from ryan
first stop of the wine tour, elk cove...
last stop of the wine tour....great photo op spot, the sun was setting

third stop of the wine tour, anne amie.....i'll be honest, i did not like any of the wines here

ramy and i

drink up ryan the birthday girl looking awesome
willesha and i having fun
cheers to the birthday girl

lennez....last stop of the wine tour, lennez means "nose" in italian
pretty sunset
hanging out in the limo

yay for limo tours


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun Tiff...what a good idea!!

Craig Camp said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time, but disappointed you did not like my wines at Anne Amie. I invite you to return for a personal tour and tasting as I am sure I can change your minds.

If you want to see how much effort we put into these wines visit as I am sure that you will have a different viewpoint.

Please write me at to set up your next visit.