Friday, June 29, 2007


So it is 1 am in the morning. i am just takign a little break from studying for the nclex. it seems to be going well. anyways, at one in the morning one of my new favorite shows is on....Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. i absolutely love this show, and i love that there are always reruns on especially in the middle of the night. i have a new found appreciation for eating crab and for those men out there. talk about hard work. anyways, breaks over....i swear more will be posted soon. 5 days till my test, and then it will be back to normal.



The Bains said...

cool tuff...why you're studying for your test i'm packing up the house. we're such night owls:-)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

your so smart!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffany,
Hang in there, and best to you on the NCLEX. Don't study the night before, and do get a full night's sleep, even if you need a sleep aid. Your brain will do the rest while you get your zzzz' thinking of you! Keep in touch--oh by the way, any interest in coming to my home this summer for lunch/dinner/brunch with Kathy Lee and a couple of other Hayhurst people? Let me know after your test.
Tori RN (

sis said...

beej, goodluck you are going to pass with flying colors!! love ya