Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shanghai Tunnel

Last Friday Jenna and Phil came up to Portland for a sleepover. They wanted to go on the Shanghai Tunnel tour. I have never done it in my years of living in Portland. We headed over to Hobos to grab bloody marys before entering the "Portland Underground." Shanghaiing refers to men kidnapping men to be used for helping on ships. They were kept in the underground until they were put on a ship. This was all told to us by our tour guide. I'll be honest, I was pretty scared. Apparently there have been many encounters with ghosts. Poor Phil had to deal with Jenna and I being fraidy cats the whole time. Oh well, we made it out alive.Jenna and IPhil and I

The three of us before entering the undergroungJenna is kind of scared
Going underground
boots of men who were captured

a trap door that was used to kidnap men

I was bad about taking pictures. Sorry.


scotty and crystal said...

Ooohh fun! One of my favorite pieces of advice, given to me by my Grandma, is wherever you are, live like a tourist, see everything, make memories where you are. I love that that's what you are doing.
Miss you.

I and J Mommy said...

We went a couple of years ago, kinda creepy but very interesting and rich in history.

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

We had so much fun with you tiffy, cant believe it took us so many years to come stay with you! We'll make sure to make this a regular thing from now on! whats next on our tour of the great NW?

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

I want to go. Sounds cool!