Wednesday, July 4, 2007

worst feeling ever today has been quite a rough day....I had my nursing boards and to be completely honest i felt like shit after finishing the test (pardon my language, but it is the only appropriate word to describe how i was feeling). it was so hard and i felt like i did not know any of the answers. and the worse thing is the test just shuts off and i have no idea how i did. i have to wait two or three days hoping and praying that my name shows up on the list of registered nurses for oregon.

after calling my mom and crying on the phone with her for about forty five minutes i felt much better. i have come to the realization that no matter what happens, happens, and i will move forward. so sorry to those out there who did not receive calls from me once i was done because i just did not feel great. i feel much better now though. i hung out with my friends megan and ramy who always know how to cheer me up. also ramy took her test today and felt the same way. we cheered each other in hopefully be winners, but with the possibility of being a loser.

in a few days, it will either be great and wonderful or a new place to learn from and move forward/maybe a couple of more tears shed.

love you all.


Anonymous said... can always be my nurse..if you know what i mean ;-)