Thursday, June 18, 2009

Club Smaller Pants

So I'm actually never planning on having legs or a waist this small. This is just not possible for me. I like eating. But I'm following along with Jenna's get fit for Club smaller pants and wanted to update everyone on how the weight watchers is going. So it has been a little over 3 weeks since I have been using the point system and i have officially lost 4.4 lbs. It isn't much, but i can already tell. My pants that didn't fit very well, aka muffin top and back fat hanging out, are fitting better and i dont' feel like i need to wear a bulky sweatshirt anymore. I'm pretty excited and it has been interesting using the "points method" for dieting. i have been able to indulge in some of my favorite items, and then i'm just really can't eat much more for the rest of the day. oh well. i guess that is where you learn to make healthy choices.

i've noticed that since i have been eating better and drinking a lot more water/fluids (which by the way gatorade- 0 points, diet snapple- 0 points) i have been doing better in the gym. Fancy that. It feels good to finally get back up to the intensity that i was at back in jan/feb. I had a lull there from march-may where i just wasn't doing well, didn't like going to the gym, etc. Part of that was related to not eating well (and i think i was just burnt out a little bit).

it is nice to be feeling more shape girl. I was partnered with Kara the other day (very fit/fast) and let me tell you i think i kind of held my own. I mean i was definitely dying in the end, but i didn't puke. so that is always a good sign.

alright, so that's the update for now. i'm trying to work on getting better at updating, but i forget. i guess working on one thing at a time.


John said...

Gatorade has HFCS in it.

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Sephanie good work. Did I already say my mom has lost 25 and my grandma has lost 50 on weight watchers. great system. Im just counting calories using Working online AND at home it just makes sense to do this. Different websites have told me different calorie goals. 1600 down to 1200 so i figured I'd just chose the smaller one but on special occasions I can allow 1600, i read something about a calorie spike here and there is good for our metabolism. what do you think?